Shame on this nation………Labrador, Newfoundland, sealing your fate. Samaritans Purse is under persecution in this country. They have given out Christmas Shoeboxes to children around the world for years. The Homosexual agenda has put a stop to it in some areas and thousands upon thousands of children will not receive this blessing. Bogus arguments. This is Christianophobia. We are Christians, we do not have to like or bow down to your sodomite agenda, it is against the Word of God upon which we stand. Their agenda is harrassing, bullying, persecuting and standing against our Faith in the Inerrant Word of God. And this persecution began here in B.C. when a bunch of wimpy sold out pastors went to the mayor to attempt to stop Franklin Graham from coming to Vancouver because of his stance on the Muslim Ideology. Well maybe some of those pastors should have read The Bible. Canadian Christians need to adhere to The Word of God and stop bending and bowing and begin to fight the good fight of faith. I am sickened by the candy floss community that lets every ideology and perversion walk all over The Truth found in God’s Word. No we have no intention of walking in hatred, if you are hungry we will feed you, we will not attempt to persecute you, nor will we disrespect you, but we will not BOW DOWN and if Christians would stand up for what they are supposed to believe in these haters would not be so quick to challenge our faith. CLICK HERE for article