Obviously God set the example. Poetry doesn’t need to be ho hum, hum drum, and boring.
Once a week or whenever we get to it we will change the Poem on this page.
The Poetry comes from “Houses of The Heart, Seasons of The Soul” © Laurette.
Sometimes it will be very strong meat, not for the faint in heart and definitely
not poetry for wimps. Holy Ghost inspired nevertheless.
A Message To Those Who Reject The Free Gift of Salvation Through Jesus Christ:


God is Almighty, His Word is forever and always true,
He lives omnipotent, holding the keys of death and of hell
His righteous judgment shall reach the depths of you
With a carbon copy of your sins reserved for show and tell

Falling, falling in a never ever ending place
Through the disguises and deceptions called your life,
Your naked being exposed brings a panic stricken face,
Staring at the truth of you in eternal strife

The wages of an unrepentant sinner brings certain death
That will be dead of love, life, peace, mercy and grace,
Tormented by the truth of you that took away your breath
Of life, when you pawned your soul to a counterfeit race

God is good. His judgment is perfect and true,
Still you lust, and cheat and covet all the more,
Sowing seeds of a lifetime with a fleshly point of view
Ever blossoming the truth in eternity with no exit door

Every word, thought, action and minute reaction
Would be viewed by the opened eyes of your soul
Fixated, staring at the evident depth of infraction
That you imparted on the world in part and in whole

A pit of dark torment for ever and ever and forever
With the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the score,
Earthly good men, bad men, joker, dull and clever
Paralyzed in the truth of the matter forever more

God does not ask you to pay for the sins of all mankind
But you will see every step on your chosen path of fate
In horrified sorrow you will wail at the truth, confined,
Unable to change the facts in hell. It will be too late

Judgment penitentiary for the truth of a lost soul,
Hell. A place of eternal damnation, wealth of woe
Where your one and only continuous never ending goal
Is to reap the harvest it took you a lifetime to sow.