Chad-finalCHAD M.

Keep it Simple! Easy to understand, to the point. Scriptural. The program changes lives for the better. I would highly recommend the FMS Course to anyone.





kim-finalKIM T.

Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training helped me understand the difference between the carnal nature and the spiritual nature. I began to see things in a new light. After going through the program I can honestly say that it put a whole different spin on how I live my life today.  I would recommend it to anyone who desires to grow spiritually.




mike-finalMIKE W.

Through Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training I have grown so much.  Get Discipled! It is essential to a believer who is seeking more than Sunday school Bible Studies. It has made the difference between walking in the flesh and soaring in The Spirit.  Since completing Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training I have gone on to pursue my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and can’t wait to see where The Lord leads me. I strongly recommend Feed My Sheep to anyone who is searching for spiritual growth and wants to be all God called them to be.



Michelle-finalMICHELLE M.

Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training has transformed my life.  This course is Holy Spirit inspired and packed with a wealth of necessary tools to fight the good fight of faith in Christ Jesus.  I was so inspired and excited about it that I am now part of the Feed My Sheep team! I went from being shy and quiet to teaching the course and broadcasting on the radio.  I now know who I am in Christ Jesus, and its full speed ahead from here on!  I encourage all believers in the Lord to take this course. It will give you confidence to go out and Make Disciples who will make disciples!



Cheryl-Lee-testCHERYL-LEE  F.

Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training has really changed my life. I found the simplicity in the Word of God. I have confidence in The Word and a newfound boldness to speak The Truth in love. I strongly recommend FMS Discipleship Training to everyone. If you want to understand your identity in Christ Jesus and grow in the knowledge of God, through this course it can certainly be achieved.